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I Meraviglia erano Aaron, Augusto, Gabriella, Maryland.

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released June 14, 2012



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Meraviglia Italy

One girl, three cups.

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Track Name: Sleeping Summer
sleeping summer,
that's all lies.
can't remember,
the last time i was fine.

sleeping summer,
that's all lies.
can't remember, maybe,

i'm a gazer,
i'm a stranger,
i'm a weird mess.
Track Name: The Result Is The Sum Of Two Subtractions
can't go on,
if it lives on.

i'll take my goodbye,
scratching replies.
endless demise,
i'll take my goodbye.
endless demise,

worry is the result,
holding your result,
call me "best fault".
worry is the result,
call me "worst result".

show me wrestle tricks, can i?

turn off your lazy voice,
shut your lazy voice,
wreck your lazy voice, i swear.

end of the line,
end of the line.
Track Name: I Won't Eat And You Were Gone (Marina)
i'm not a christmas au revoir,
they're really dreamless, dreamless cut up.

i'm not a christmas bell on fire,
cut you, cut you up.

what did you say 'till i had my last stop.
a wonderful avatar i couldn't look.
what i've said 'till i had my stomach cancer.
holidays over, there's some little points to turn.

Track Name: Sasso
i think about the time she starts to stop my flight.
i think about you, i think about semantics.
i read above the line, you're writings are so blank.
i need my stomach, i'll leave my stomach.

too many weeks implied,
i lie, i lie.
you can't fit my spine,
i lie, i lie.
Track Name: Question Availability
once you've said: "count your star".
i've got.
"take my scar", "take my scar".
i've got.

slip off.

once you've said,

we're not going to talk anymore.
we're not eternal, only a definitive mess.
we're a semantic intromission
in a sheetless written book.
metal works, factories and some papers on your ground.
twisted and prefab conditions, it's my wound.
i'm more than a go-getter
i don't know how i can feel better
we've to claim each other
everyday's fault it's just another.
drink cards, bruxism and your theatre
i'm not in your cup, i'm not a feather.